Recording Artist & Stage Coach/Trainer.

Benny At's

My job is helping and equipping stage users i.e; singers, rappers, poets, spoken word artists, drama directors and actors, preachers, teachers, Public Relation Officers and organization leaders with the ability to better their skills on audience relationship through the use of one the most powerful forms of communication known as the nonverbal communication. I coach, inspire and equip them in what I call "The Art of Stage Craft". My carefully crafted lessons aim at teaching practical approaches on how to utilize or synergize the nonverbal aspects of communication with the verbal for better interaction with audience, fans, workers, staff or clients with special emphasis on the unspoken words and keen interest on body movement and body language, facial expressions, gestures, stage geography and movement, stage placement and stage balancing categorized under (proxemics, kinesics, oculics, haptic and chronimics.)